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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preserving food - article from the New York Times!

It's not often I would end up posting an article from the New York Times here, but they do a good job of making canning and preserving food seem like a fun and tasty thing to do. Excerpt below, click for link:

FOR Eugenia Bone, opening the kitchen cupboard in her SoHo apartment is like dipping into a favorite TV show. “The jars are like characters, with story lines that I remember,” she said recently, scrabbling around in search of a jar of yellowfin tuna preserved in olive oil and salt. “Seeing them brings back the farm where I bought that case of artichokes, or the day we picked all those cherries.”

1 comment:

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    Fabulous book -- how-to preserve and then how to eat what you preserved (recipes)!


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