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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lay Aside Fear

It's been a week now since all the MSM began its hullabaloo about everyone dying from Swine Flu as the epidemic sweeps the globe to become a pandemic. The first case, it is thought, was with a five year old boy from Mexico in a Houston hospital. Since then, everyone with a radio or tv has been inundated with fear mongering and tales of Woe-Be-We as we succumb to illness.
OK, enough spreading half-truths and lies.
Until yesterday, there had been no recorded or confirmed cases in Minnesota. An elementary child in Cold Spring, MN, has been confirmed to be with the disease. Due to this, both schools in the area have been closed for a week: happy kids getting some extra days off to have fun rather than be brainwashed by liberal teachers.
Enough is enough.
Not being an expert in any field resembling medicine, I won't make prognostications or pretend to tell anyone how to avoid it. But I will, as an American, make a few observations that are strictly my opinion.
First, being a bit more industrious about our personal cleanliness will go a long way to avoiding this or any other disease. Just don't get over zealous and rush to the ER when one of the kids sneezes or says they have a tummy ache.
Second, don't work yourself into a tizzy worrying about this bomb being pushed by dotGov MSM. Thus far, for this pandemic, there have been fewer instances of this flu than any other kind of yearly flu bug, let alone the numbers of deaths due to Swine Flu. With that in mind, I am leery of any kind of programs or 'cures' put out by our Illustrious Uncle.
A reason for that is understanding, from past incidents of flu alerts, is that there are a hundred, or more, variants of influenza virus. Each year governments and medical laboratories create a few drugs for just a few of them, based on estimates of what variant will be predominant that year. So never are we certain we will be getting inoculated against the virus coming down the pike, we just hope we are. Too, influenza virus mutate so readily that even if the proper dose is given, by the time the bug gets to an individual, it may've changed form and become resistant to the drug.
Last bit of advice from here: keep an eye on the virus by using the links on the upper right of the screen, but don't become overwhelmed with concern. Be a bit more cautious than usual, follow directions from your medical professional, but again don't be swept into blindly accepting everything as Gospel or good for you just because Uncle says you should.
And for Pete's sake, wash your hands after changing diapers, going to the bathroom, handling critter messes, cleaning the barn, chopping meat, plucking chickens...dadada. And don't worry- God's in control.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please watch this video on the World Trade Center disaster

I won't even comment on this video. You can draw your own conclusions. The Danish scientist being interviewed is a legitimate, respected scientist - I checked.

***Note: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that no information on 9/11 can be trusted anymore. This is likely to be disinformation, just like everything else.

Friday, April 17, 2009

American Prepper on Radio

Tom, originator of American Preppers Network, has been invited to be on "Restore the Republic" radio, with Pioneer Living, who is also a contributor to Oklahoma Preppers Network

04/18/2009 New Show
On "Pioneering Your Way To Freedom" with John Milandred, at 5pm ET.
This show is dedicated to educating as many people as possible the Lost/Forgotten Art of Basic Human Survival and Getting Back To Basics
Special Guests: Tom Martin of American Preppers Network
at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on RTR Radio

Please be sure to tune in, and email others, this show will be tomorrow evening. We can rest assured Tom will have tons to say about prepping, preppers, and patriotism. Bound to be a fun program.

In 'other news', spring is finally making an appearance and life has been busy, busy, busy getting ready for summer. Yard work never ends, and the garden must go in.

The Duluth Tea Party was a blast- a wonderful, pleasant surprise with the numbers of people who showed up, flags, banners and placards galore. Some estimated the number to be upwards of one thousand, my estimate was closer to four hundred- but let's go with the higher amount just because it's more fun.

My spirit was certainly lifted at sight of so many people who feel the same as I about the direction the country is going. Reckon I'm not the Lone Ranger I thought I was (color me surprised and tickled pink!).


Monday, April 13, 2009

Minnesota Tea Parties

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come one and all to your local Minnesota Tea Party Event!

The following is a list of CONFIRMED Tea Party Tax Revolts planned within the state of Minnesota. Please note that we ONLY list events happening on April 15th.
City: Duluth
When: April 15, 12:15pm
Where:March and Rally - Harbor Drive (Behind the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center)
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group:Coming Soon

City: Fairmont, MN
April 15, 5 p.m. to ?
Where: 201 Lake Ave, Martin County Courthouse front steps
Contact: EMAIL
Phone: 507-238-2309
Other Info: Bring friends and signs

City:Mille County (Milaca & Princeton)
When: April 15, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: 145 Central Ave. S (City Museum and surrounding block)
Contact: EMAIL or EMAIL
Other Info: Group will be invited to join the Twin Cities Tea Party in St. Paul from 5-8pm!
Facebook Group:Coming Soon

City: Rochester
When: April 15, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: East Side of Silver Lake, 840 7 St NE
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: Click Here

City: St. Cloud
When: April 15, Noon
Where: St. Cloud Public Library
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group:

City: St. Paul ~ Twin Cities
When: April 15, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Minnesota State Capitol
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info: http://teapartymn.com/
Facebook Group: CLICK HERE

City: Willmar
When: April 15, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Where: 1101 First St South
Contact: EMAIL
Other Info:
Facebook Group: Coming Soon!

Have an event planned for Minnesota? Email Amy and let us know!

For further information, go here: Tax Day Tea Party » Minnesota

The above link will bring you to a site that lists each state's planned parties.

As Americans, we have a solemn duty to our country and its Constitution, its Founders and our children, grandchildren, and ourselves. If you are concerned for any of them, feel obligated to defend them all in any way possible.

We do not want and are not looking for any armed resistance to get our country back on its Constitutional track. Let us follow any means we can to avoid conflict now and in the future.

Protest loudly, protest peaceably, protest with dignity.

Some parties are suggesting 'period' dress- such as worn by the original protesters in Boston. Use your imagination. All parties are asking for each person to bring a camera, video and still.

Perhaps some will decide to include a 'tail gate' party and barbecue as well: use your imagination to make this not only a memorable, but effective, event. Use the event to make new friends, contacts and have some fun in a serious way.

Prep on.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Important UPDATES for all preppers!!

We need to get more organized. Please visit American Preppers Network for just a moment.
Thanks, Tom
p.s. the moderator of this site has my permission to remove this short post as soon as he/she feels everyone has gotten this message. It's not normally my practice to post on other prepper sites, but we need to get more organized and I'm beginning to get overwhelmed with work to do, we need more help.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Group Think

There's a really good debate going on at Oklahoma Preppers about governing within survival groups, and what kind of people will hope to become part of a group. Lots of food for thought and here is some of my thinking on the subject and a request for others' thoughts on this important topic.
One aspect of prepping is the 'common group-think' that is certainly going to arise when people form survival groups, communes, or whatever. Each of these groups will need some form of leadership, whether it be parental as in a family unit, a mayor as in a community, or a chieftain as in tribal units. In selecting the people to join 'our' group, we will invariably select people who think much as we do and there-in is the group-think dilemma.
Leadership of each group will have different ideas of what makes a community, how it should be legislated or ruled. IMO, since many do not read the Constitution as it is written, let alone believe it, nor does everyone believe in the God of the Bible as being the Ultimate Authority in all situations, there will be many ideas of government. Socialism, as in the old hippy days communes, is going to become prevalent in many of the groups. Democracy will dominate some groups. Some groups will form as Muslim under Shariah Law. Some will form under pre-Saul Biblical tribes with a single leader and legal system. Sad to say, whatever the idea, there will be some who agree with it and will gather under that flag. Not all will have "American Constitutional" goals or desires.
My opinion is that the family structure group will be the most harmonious- at least until the kids decide to rebel (as they invariably do). Still, thought patterns will be common even with the kids and they just may "want their own room" rather than to leave the "tribe". In that case, the group will grow into a tribe. What form of government these tribes utilize will probably be consistent throughout the various family groups, which is a good thing. Of course, strangers who come into this type of group will, hopefully, agree to the current form of rule, especially new-found 'mates' even from other/outside units will agree to local rule and custom.
It's when groups of tribes form within geographical areas the problems arise: which form of government do they choose? Now we get statesmen/women who need selection from the various tribes and negotiate between tribes and resulting in some form of government entity. And we're right back to where we started: forming constitutions/laws for the better of all parties. Without rules, there could be no barter/trade between rival groups, for sure: who will decide disputes that invariably arise? Which tribe has the final say? Will outside groups concur? Hello politicians!
But what happens when one of these tribal units is a Christ believing unit and the others are atheistic/agnostic/pantheistic/Shariah, etc? Which side gets the largest share of control?
Or what if one group is socialist in its beliefs: share and share alike regardless how hard one person works compared to the next?
How we choose who will define our survival communities is going to entail more than "just accepting requests" from people who learn about our goals. Knowing their beliefs will be paramount, their willingness to follow the ruling of the group leader, whether it be an elder "prepper parent", a group minister (and he'd better be walking in the Spirit of God and not the flesh), or even one "elected" leader from those forming the group. Just what are the requirements each new member is to bring to the table?
What say you on this gestalt dilemma?
Prep on-
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