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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lay Aside Fear

It's been a week now since all the MSM began its hullabaloo about everyone dying from Swine Flu as the epidemic sweeps the globe to become a pandemic. The first case, it is thought, was with a five year old boy from Mexico in a Houston hospital. Since then, everyone with a radio or tv has been inundated with fear mongering and tales of Woe-Be-We as we succumb to illness.
OK, enough spreading half-truths and lies.
Until yesterday, there had been no recorded or confirmed cases in Minnesota. An elementary child in Cold Spring, MN, has been confirmed to be with the disease. Due to this, both schools in the area have been closed for a week: happy kids getting some extra days off to have fun rather than be brainwashed by liberal teachers.
Enough is enough.
Not being an expert in any field resembling medicine, I won't make prognostications or pretend to tell anyone how to avoid it. But I will, as an American, make a few observations that are strictly my opinion.
First, being a bit more industrious about our personal cleanliness will go a long way to avoiding this or any other disease. Just don't get over zealous and rush to the ER when one of the kids sneezes or says they have a tummy ache.
Second, don't work yourself into a tizzy worrying about this bomb being pushed by dotGov MSM. Thus far, for this pandemic, there have been fewer instances of this flu than any other kind of yearly flu bug, let alone the numbers of deaths due to Swine Flu. With that in mind, I am leery of any kind of programs or 'cures' put out by our Illustrious Uncle.
A reason for that is understanding, from past incidents of flu alerts, is that there are a hundred, or more, variants of influenza virus. Each year governments and medical laboratories create a few drugs for just a few of them, based on estimates of what variant will be predominant that year. So never are we certain we will be getting inoculated against the virus coming down the pike, we just hope we are. Too, influenza virus mutate so readily that even if the proper dose is given, by the time the bug gets to an individual, it may've changed form and become resistant to the drug.
Last bit of advice from here: keep an eye on the virus by using the links on the upper right of the screen, but don't become overwhelmed with concern. Be a bit more cautious than usual, follow directions from your medical professional, but again don't be swept into blindly accepting everything as Gospel or good for you just because Uncle says you should.
And for Pete's sake, wash your hands after changing diapers, going to the bathroom, handling critter messes, cleaning the barn, chopping meat, plucking chickens...dadada. And don't worry- God's in control.


  1. Great post Shy! and yer right - no need to get into a tizzy...just some common sense cleanliness, get proper rest and eat healthy meals should be enough to keep us well!
    thanks buddy!

  2. PLEASE add to your blog(s):

    Turn away from anyone near you when you cough or sneeze.

    Liberal use of Lysol or a GOOD similar brand on doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces (telephone, refrigerator handle, faucet handles, AND DON'T FORGET TO DISINFECT THE FLUSH HANDLE ON THE TOILET, DISINFECT THE TOILET BOWL WITH BLEACH, AND SPRAY THE SEAT, TOP AND BOTTOM, WITH LYSOL OR SIMILAR, etc.)" The CDC still uses good-ol'-fashioned original Lysol in the bottle (the 'piney-smelling' liquid that turns milky-colored when you dilute it in water), for disinfecting everything, and everybody, who work there. They say it's STILL the best.)

    Imitating Howard Hughes during this threat of Swine Flu pandemic my just save your life and the lives of untold thousands or even millions of other people.

    Also taking immune-boosting supplements like echinacea, vitamin C, and host of others, certainly can't help, (ALL of them may not be easy on the pocketbook, but could be the investment of a lifetime).
    If you feel the nasal irritation familiar to the onset of a cold, which could be entry of Swine Flu into your system, Zicam is VERY EFFECTIVE, tho' a bit 'pricey', while zinc gluconate or zinc acetate lozenges are an economical safeguard.
    Oscillococcinum, Oreganol P73, and Sambucol (especially the variety from Israel), are clinically PROVEN TO KILL VIRUSES ON CONTACT, and CAN BE TAKEN INTERNALLY.

    Another proven safeguard is colloidal silver solution; It can be inhaled by putting it into a saline nasal spray inhaler, to help stop viruses from entering your system, and it's no more irritating than saline nasal spray, and has VERY LOW side effects, and it can also be taken internally. During the plagues of the past, children of well-to-do families would suck on a silver spoon: the trace amount of silver this released was enough to kill the viruses and pathogens they were threatened with, hence the old saying of a rich person: "They're protected by a 'silver spoon'".

    If you can't afford the above, the greases and oils floating on the top of "Grandma's Chicken Soup" are thought by medical researchers to be the secret ingredient that helps us get well when we're sick, and who can resist the ingredients below the surface?! Mmmmm-mmmm GOOD!!!
    I'm not looking for any credit or glory here-I want to help, protect and save my fellow human beings, and do whatever I can to save them from grief.

    Blessings, Kortka2

  3. Amen Shy - great post! Spread the word too that you should not get a vaccine - don't trust Uncle Gov one bit. God Bless.


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