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Friday, May 28, 2010

Thinking on the move...

FINALLY, someone who "gets" it about TEOTWAWKI...

"...The recent submission by K. in Florida left me scratching my head in disbelief. I don't know if his wife thinks shaving her legs after TEOTWAWKI will be important, but I absolutely don't intend to shave mine. Nor do I think spare car parts will be important..."
Here is someone who's actually got an understanding of what life will be like after a breakdown of this society. It won't be worrying about having a blade to shave legs because "I'm going out on the town tonite", or being concerned what the neighbors think of the table cloth. It won't be going to the corner auto mart for an oil filter or new set of seat covers for the 'Vette. And it sure won't be worrying about having a CCW before tucking that pistol behind our belt. Nor will it be having much concern about the "niceties" of not breaking the law.
There just won't be that much time to worry about it. And anyone who thinks otherwise should really take a look around them at what is truly important to live contentedly.

Read the rest here.... Letter Re: I Thought That I Had a Clue - SurvivalBlog.com

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1 comment:

  1. My wife and I have got interested in prepping and started doing a little here and there. We have broken the 'Prep" down pretty much three ways:

    Our first and foremost goal is to get ready for a short to medium term emergency. This could be flood, civil unrest, any kind of an incident similar to Katrina or LA Riots, or some combo there of. The what and why is of less importance to us than doing what we can do to get through it as safely and comfortably as we can. Our thoughts here are 2 ways.
    1. We try and get our home ready with some supplies, enough to make it a month. We also try to take into account some defense in case it is the LA Riot scenario. Our goal is to be as private and safe as we can until help arrives/crisis resolves, whatever--go to point two.
    2. It quickly becomes obvious we cannot stay safely and have to go to the help. I know from past experience that the 'authorities' may have a perimeter set up to contain the trouble or use as their base to launch relief/rescue ops from. We made need to get to that base. This is where our bug out bags, some emergency food in the bags, survival equipment, and possibly firearms comes into play. We think of it as sneaking out through enemy lines/meets the evacuation scenes on the freeways from Independence Day the movie.

    Our next situation to prep for is one of the 'nightmare' scenarios like the solar flares or EMP bomb. Something that causes enough of a collapse we have to leave the city for good. We have been working on this slowly. We have a place to escape to, just have to figure out how to live there--long story. This is going to take some advanced prepping, but we are doubling it up with visiting family and spending some fun time on our land too.


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