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Saturday, December 25, 2010

"...As a prepper, I have my biases towards certain political points of view and a yearning for more sustainable agricultural practices, but this is absolute paranoid drivel! You do all preppers a disservice by giving ammunition to those doubters that already consider us wackos
So reads the comment by "Anonymous" about the previous post.
And I agree. Almost. OK, to a point.
"Terrorists may Poison Food Supply- the next to previous post. Don't scroll down to read it, because it does tend to be drivel. Almost. It does make a lot of sense in today's society. Actually, it doesn't go far enough.
The commenter is concerned about being considered a 'whacko' by those who doubt our sanity already.
Well, since they already doubt my sanity, I'll confirm it for them: I'm a wacko. Ain't no 'bout adoubt it. (sic)
Or am I?
What was really mainstream 'paranoia' ten years ago is now MSM news as being fact. What even many wackos would have considered tinfoil hat paranoia ten years ago is now fact. Verified fact, I may even add.
Being coerced to read Orwell in college, I thought he was an idiot, more so than most Sci-fi writers.
Guess what...
OK, now to the original post: poison in our food supplies.
I find many people concerned with this in other areas- blogs and even news/media writings and video. And well they should be. We've had the spinach scare of what- five years ago?- and the lettuce scare of -three?- years ago? And now we're being warned by MSM about salad bars- not just this blog or other Survival blogs.
But I'm here to make a comment even about this fear we're being encouraged to have.
It's foolishness.
Why does the 'fed' want us to be concerned with the poisons that can be in our salad bars? In fact, my question is: Why did they stop with salad bars? Hell, if a Moslim can put poison in a salad bar, they can sure as hell put it in the main entree'. So, draw your own conclusion: why would the MSM/fed want us to not eat the salad? Carrying this even farther: what would be the result of us not eating the salad- or the entree'?
Restaurants lose business. What happens when the establishment loses enough business?
Oh. Right: doors close.
What happens when business doors close?
OOPS... whaddaya mean 'people lose jobs'?
And whaddaya mean 'economies suffer'?
Get my point?
The fed and UN/WHO may want us to start "sweating the small stuff", but it's only as a means of more control of our lives.
So, not that I'm 'right' or even 'in the know', cuz I may well be neither, but the point- both mine and the Anony poster- is that let's not allow fear and foolishness guide our lives. Let's also not let the fed run our lives- they've done a very fine job screwing us up already, don't let them go any farther- this includes the dipshit Dayton that somehow got elected as our Gov. Dammit... nope, ain't going there.
So, in reading the comment, the posts, and in your actions, do as you've always been told as a Prepper: Read, think/consider, investigate and make your own decisions. We're not here to hold hands or cuddle you like our Honeys,but to encourage and inform- hopefully with wisdom and understanding.
Also, I have to apologise for not posting so much the last year- not being here leads to misunderstandings as this. My apologies.
Before I leave (hopefully not for another year) allow me to make one more point that's been bugging me lately... to whit:
We, as a homogeneous group, tend to allow fear to control much of what we do and rule the manner in which we live our lives. This post is a result and example of such. It isn't just the food supply that can be poisoned- the subway Ricin poisoning in Japan (the first that comes to mind) is an example of that. The truth is, there is no way any of us can be one-hundred-percent safe in our daily lives. We can allow ourselves to be ruled and controlled by fear of illness- 'bugs' in our salad bar; or bombings- the car/vehicle that doesn't 'appear just right'; the city water supply being 'contaminated with biological agents'; the plane we're flying on- TSA missed that particular bomb!; ad infinitum... the point is, please, don't live your life in fear of what 'could' happen. Live it knowing that you're in control, not the fed/TSA/UN/WHO/police... YOU, as an American, have the ultimate control of how you live your life. Please, don't live in fear, live in harmony and hope, know Who is in control and put your trust in yourself and your personal Guide, not the fed or other people.
Carry your weapon concealed but be always vigilant, ready to defend your self, family and friends, your neighbors, at any and all times. And be prepared to share your security as you see fit and as required.
Bless God, God bless.

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