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Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't Tread on Me appearance

Looks like I"ll be appearing as a guest host on Big John Lipscomb's show tonight.
The topic of the day will be: "Will cities become death-traps?"

Should be interesting. Welcome listener's of Don't Tread on Me. This site will soon have much more information for those of you interested in self-sufficiency, preparation, freedom, and the ongoing crash of our corrupt system.

Here's some basic info on the show and how to listen:

His radio show web site:

How to listen online, live:

Go to the following web address (URL):

Choose the "Network 1" stream. You have a choice of 4 streaming formats, including Real Audio and Mp3. Just click your choice of format. If your computer has the appropriate software installed, it should start to play automatically.

How to listen to the last show.
This is just a repeating stream of the show from the previous evening.
Go to this URL:
Again, just choose your format.

How to get the Podcast version.
Go here:
You will be able to choose from an extensive MP3 archive of past shows, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

How to call in to the show:

When the show is live, you may call in at this toll-free phone number:


  1. Hello! I called into the show and spoke with you. My name is Cody.

    You asked me to visit here. It is a nice forum.

    Please E-mail me:


  2. Todd; thanks for letting me know of the program and allowing me to speak tonight. It's been so long since I've been on radio I forgot to slow down!
    You sure sound as though you're having fun, too. Very glad John is giving you the opportnity. Now- what's the name of that radio station in the 'Falls? (I hear they are in need of a good announcer!)
    Again, thank you.
    Shy III


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