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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

follow up on prepping paranoia

Is this really far-fetched, or not? (clicking will bring you to full article):

Protection & Defense

The downside to collapse is the danger this will pose from fellow humans, who will be quick, ruthless and capable of exploiting any weakness or vulnerability they find. Psychopaths will thrive. Desperation will turn mild-mannered book worms into dangerous bone-crunching cannibals and I’m not picking on bookworms either. Housewives, teenagers, soldiers, even the elderly will have nothing to lose.

See this article, Prepare For Your Defense for suggestions on rifles. A real battle rifle is a hundred times better then a hunting rifle, simply because you can lay down covering fire so quickly. Accuracy is reasonable and can be excellent with some tuning and in the hands of good marksmen.

Even if you don’t intend to fight off the mutant zombie hungry hordes, you will still need some type of protection as your defense. Hide. Stay out of sight and stay put if you can. Moving around exposes you to all kinds of things. Unless you are really remote, staying put makes the best sense if possible. You will avoid roaming hordes, exposure to disease and lower the risks of hurting yourself.

Hide underground if possible. A basement, root cellar and hidden dugout will work pretty well. The problem with existing underground structures is they are fairly easily identified. It’s not hard to figure out which houses have basements for example, and basements are known to contain food…


  1. Great post Publius. Everyone should follow the link and do some serious reading at Survival Acres as he has some great info imho. Keep up the good work and hope everything is ok with Shy, I haven't seen anything from him lately.

  2. I think most mild mannered bookworms will go softly into the night when things really get tough. With hunger comes despair and weakness, probably more so than aggression.
    But if there's a bunch of guys running around all leatherclad after the collapse, at least the view will be nice...mmmmmm. ;)
    Good post (thanks for the pic) I gotta go buy Mad Max now....


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