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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starve the Beast: Low intensity Revolution

"...Fighting a revolution does not mean that you have to take up arms and head off to engage in combat with the forces sent to assure your continued servitude. Not all of us can take another human being's life. Some of us, for reasons of conscience, will not engage in violence. Not all of us are physically capable of taking the punishment of a life of privation, and asperity.

But we all must do something to impede the progress of the enemy.

It is my belief that most of us are engaged in an epic struggle against the forces who would extinguish the light of Liberty forever. To turn this world into a vast feudal state where most are serfs, doomed to toil for the few at the top. Some of us may not even realize that we have joined the struggle. The thought that many of us are fighting a low intensity revolution has not come to the minds of people everywhere.

We must foster this idea, low intensity revolution, and spread it. It will give hope to those who feel hopeless. It will give direction to those who know not what to do. It will give those who want to fight a purpose, a mission. A way to strike back without exposing themselves to undue risk..."
Catman is onto something here. Something ot only do-able, but something we should all be doing already, but aren't. It's much more easy to whine than act. Now, act, and go read the rest of what he has to say...
Tell him Shy sent you.

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  1. Thanks Shy, will do. The link was broken, I fixed it for ya.


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