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Friday, January 22, 2010

What is a prepper?

Here is an excellent post (one of my favorites) that was done by Shy wolf which posted about a year ago on a forum where people were asking what preppers are. I thought I'd go ahead and repost it here because it relates to an article that I'm about to post on APN.

Greetings, folks. Jim Shy Wolf here from the Minnesota

Preppers Network. You seem to be curious about us, so I'll

attempt to answer a few questions. Let me begin with this by

Estimated Prophet.

First- one has to define what a 'wackjob' is, since we may be

using different terminology: in my neck of the woods we spell

something similar as 'whackjob', which means 'put together in

a hurry' or 'put together by chance'. Well, we are neither.

Let me 'explain, Lucy.

The American Prepper Network was created to join all the

'preppers' out here in BlogLand, in effort to aid us all in

having a single location to gather information on 'prepping'.

I can hear your heads rattling, "What's a

'prepper'?" Simple answer is, "A 'prepper' is

someone who prepares."

Do any of you have auto insurance? That is prepping. Do you

have home insurance? That is prepping. How about medical

insurance? That is prepping. Do you have a savings account,

stocks, bonds, etc? That is prepping. Do you have a few days

food supply in your cupboard? That is prepping. So, whether

you realize it or not, you all, hopefully, are 'preppers'.

The American Prepper Network is taking these topics to a

different level.

We all are aware of what happened during hurricane Katrina.

(I hope, anyway.) Also just last fall with hurricane Ike.

Some of you may even have been involved in very personal ways

with either of those. I live in Minnesota and we get some

extreme cold and lots of snow. Just as many did in New

Orleans, I prepare for inclement weather. I have some extra

rations of food and water, durable and weather appropriate

clothing. That is called 'prepping'.

There are different levels of 'prepping'.

At the simplest form, it is having a few days or a week of

food and water in your home. No need to starve or be thirsty

if you are stuck during a storm. To not be prepared for

unfortunate circumstances is foolishness- we have families to

care for. To not do so is to not love or respect or care for


Going one step beyond the week end of being

snowed/rained/tornadoed/flooded in, is the second stage of

prepping. We have more than a few days or a week of food,

water and clothing. To that, in my instance, I have added a

wood burning stove and necessary wood. I also own a chainsaw

and axe, wood splitter and storage area. I have the chainsaw

to clear roadways, as well, or whatever else a chainsaw is

good for. I am also an REMT- Registered Emergency Medical

Technician. I have a 'jump kit' filled with medical/emergency

supplies. Enough preps to deliver a baby if need be- and

sometimes here in the wilds that does happen. Babies don't

always come when you want them to. So I, and many other

'preppers', are trained medical personnel. It's just

'prepping'. Actually, it's not 'just prepping', it's 'smart'.

Any fool can let someone die or starve or go thirsty- the

smart person will aide them.

A step beyond the above prepping, is a more in-depth style.

These people, of which I am one, prepare for a more serious

'survival' situation, whatever that may be. To go without

electric power for a month, as New Orleans did- and longer-

when you can do something about it yourself is stupid. So I

have a generator. Many up here do- it's only smart. Of

course, if we KNEW when the disaster was going to hit, it'd

be easy to be ready for it. But that is not the nature of

'emergencies'. So we prepare. We also have four wheel drive

vehicles. Ever try driving your eco-friendly Hyundi through

two feet of snow in a blizzard to get to a house fire? Ain't

gonna happen. But it does happen with 4WD trucks and SUVs. So

we prepare. We do not take life lightly. Ours or anyone

else's. We prepare.

Some people think of 'preppers' or 'survivalists' as people

who are hiding in the woods waiting for the other shoe to

drop, for calamitous circumstances. That is not a 'prepper'

or 'survivalist'. That is a 'doomer'. There's a big

difference. We are not shouting doom and gloom, waiting for

the world to come crashing down on our shoulders. Quite the


We are preparing to live. To keep our loved ones safe and

secure in difficult times.

Some preppers form from family units or groups of friends or

church groups or just neighborhoods. We have groups who

perform 'neighborhood watch' groups: only makes sense when

the police are miles away. Just as we have volunteer firemen

when the 'big city' fire departments are miles away.

Preppers come in all flavors- red, white, brown, black, green

and blue. Preppers come from all walks of life. Retirees,

teachers, students, police, firemen, lawyers, ministers,

laymen of any sort. Some are religious, some are not. Some

preppers are shoe-string preppers saving on a very tight

budget. Some are wealthy and can have the 'best' of their

prepping desires. As you can see, we 'preppers' are from a

variety of backgrounds. We don't care, we just prep to save


About the only commonality in all 'preppers' is a love of the

country in which we live, love the Constitution upon which it

is based, and the only color we are under is red, white and

blue. To sum up what a 'prepper' is, is a difficult thing.

Perhaps the best way to do it is to say, "We prepare for


Jim Shy Wolf

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  1. i loved that article when Shy first posted it and i still love it now - thanks for the re-post!


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