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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big John tonight

Looks like I'll be on Big John's Lipscomb's show tonight to talk about one of my interests for the future: living on a houseboat or "shantyboat."

I'll be talking about the great book Shantyboat, by Harlan Hubbard.

Addendum: Big John erroneously thought that I was the only blogger here, and had written the essay below on "What to Wear." I corrected him, so I hope Shy Wolf doesn't think I was trying to take credit for it!

**Note: you can listen to the latest show on-demand (that is, not live) here:

And I guess I should promote my own personal blog on the economic collapse while I'm at it:


  1. ROFL, Pub- so long as neither of you had anything bad to say about it, you can have credit- won't bother me. ;) Share an' share alike- I'll take credit for your genius with the oil and markets.
    Seriously- I have no idea how to listen to the show- can't get it on my a.m. here, but I hope you had a wonderful time, got lots of great information out and encouraged millions of Americans to read the book.
    God bless, prep on-

  2. Dang, my old mind is gettin' too fergetfullll.. Forgot to send congratulations to you. Hopefully you get invited back many times.
    Congrats, Publius.

  3. Good Job On the Show Publius! just heard the replay

  4. Congrats!!!


    P.S. will catch the show on re-feed! :)

  5. I enjoyed appearing on the show. Big John said that I should be in radio... quite a compliment.


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