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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rejoice and be glad

We interrupt our usual preparations to bring you some good news from the Minnesota Legislature.
Authored by Thomas Jefferson and ratified July 4, 1776, by a unanimous vote of the Continental Congress, signed and ratified by We the People, Minnesota has become one with 26 fellow Patriot States to declare its Sovereignty according to the Constitution of These United States.
It is now time to call all Minnesota State and Local officials and give them a huge Minnesota "Attaboy" and pat on the back.
Sponsored by Seifert ; Gottwalt ; Smith ; Urdahl ; Severson ; Dettmer ; Drazkowski ; Davids ; Lanning ; Anderson, B. ; Anderson, S. ; Shimanski ; Scott ; Torkelson ; Hamilton ; Loon ; Downey ; Beard ; Buesgens ; Kiffmeyer , HF 0997 reads, in part: (the Short Description)
"Federal government memorialized to halt its practice of imposing mandates upon the states for purposes not enumerated by the Constitution of the United States and affirming Minnesota's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States."
Please be generous in lavishing your praise upon these (above) stalwarts of Liberty. Far too often they hear from constituents when those same people are displeased with their efforts. Now is the time to call, write and Email, even notify local press persons, and tell them how proud we are of them.
Prep on, however- this show ain't over yet!
We now return you to our currently running program... "What the well dressed Prepper Wears"

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