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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Forming Survival Groups

As an addendum to Shy Wolf's great post, I'd like to recommend the article below. (Click on the excerpt to get to the article). The writer is somewhat extreme, but who knows... maybe it will be that bad.

Trust cannot be bought in a survival sitatuation, before or afterwards. Trust is earned, the hard way through time, committment, loyalty and experience. Societal collapse will expose every lie, distortion and assumption you can possibly imagine. Trust will be suddenly of paramount importance, but the factors necessary (time) will be gone.

Get started now if you intend to do anything at all. You’ve little real time left and what remains needs to be used wisely.

Family has always been the core for groups and will remain so. Blood is thicker then water. For most families, the commitment is already there and the desire for the family to live will be there too.

Important reminder and a good code to live by. Watch what people actually do. Applies to absolutely everyone. Not what they say, but what they do. This reveals their true heart and intentions and why you can see right through them so easily. Lying, backstabbing and gossip in a survival situation will get you very dead. Pay attention to this now.

Survival groups will form, but I no longer believe that small groups will survive. I’m not suggesting that the commentary above is wrong, I’m stating that small, isolated survival groups will have a very hard time of it because of a lack of diverse skills, security, infighting, resources and even opportunities to ‘better’ then situation.

Community survival has many advantages to small groups and I think this is a far better solution then winging it on your own or with your family. But even with the community, there is still the core groups. Community survival will (probably) be built upon these core groups, made up of many families. This is in effect, what we have today in our small towns.

A community will have a better chance because of the diversification of skills, labor, land and resources. They will also receive and wield authority and recognition of that authority, whereas a rogue band of survivalist won’t. This is going to be pretty important as lawlessness will be very prevelant.


  1. The writer is making a pretty good point, IMO. Which is also what most preppers admonish: get your groups together with people you know will guard your back. However, I'm not absolutely certain those people will necessarily be from one's family. At least, in my case they won't be. I have relatives I'd not trust beyond their tail lights pulling out my driveway and friends with whom I have entrusted my life on varied ocassions.
    As he said- time is the best judge of character and the probable best way to choose one's bugout partnerships.
    As to being extreme, I'm not sure how bad it's going to get, but if we have any kind of revolution, it's going to be really, really bad.

  2. We are trying to do just this Shy Wolf at:


    It's a forum so that people that want to homestead can meet others and do it communally.

  3. I have a 67 acre property in northern Minnesota. It is in the middle of a state forest with 19 buildings with a restaurant and conference center and cabins that can sleep 4 to 14. I would like to talk to anyone that would like to talk about a group christian based survival community. Any contact would be confidential. I have no prophetic advise but feel some common sense preparedness is in order from what I am observing from my bible and the current global and national turn of events. Please respond by email only toddpayne@smokeyhills.com with contact information in which I can email you back to set up a phone or in person conversation.


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