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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Foolishness Exhibit A

updated 5:05 p.m. CT, Thurs., Jan. 29, 2009

CADIZ, Ky. - Hundreds of thousands of ice storm victims hunkered down in frigid homes and shelters Thursday, expecting to spend at least a week without power and waiting in long lines to buy generators, firewood, groceries and bottled water... (emphasis mine)

...Utility companies in Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas and West Virginia warned that many of the estimated 1.3 million homes and businesses left without electricity wouldn't have power back before Saturday at the earliest, and at worst, as late as mid-February....

...We're buying up anything that we can eat cold," Tracie Augustinovich said...For heat, the couple were using a kerosene heater loaned to them by a friend — at least until the fuel runs out. When it does, she said, they would go to a shelter....

..."I'm sleeping in a car, which is just fine," Eason, 74, said. "There's nothing wrong with a car. Every couple of hours I turn it on, I let it run for 10 minutes and that keeps it pretty warm."...

...Tony Cipolla managed to keep warm by building a fire at his powerless home near Seneca Park in Louisville, cooking a pot of soup over a gas stove. But there wasn't a long-term plan (emphasis mine)for Cipolla and his two children, ages 5 and 9, if electricity wasn't soon restored....

...We expect it to take at least a week before all our customers are back in service, maybe longer in some areas," Entergy operations director Brady Aldy said in a statement...

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you "Exhibit A" in why you should be a prepper.

And so it goes: one difficulty after another. One cold, hungry, homeless family after another. Two commonalities among them: all are heading for gov't sponsored housing and none of them were prepared.

Is this where you want to be?

So many 'environmentalist/Gaia' like to think 'mother earth', using the phrase to show a need to protect the planet, to pass their foolish laws on carbon emissions- without carbon, nothing lives on this planet, so WTF?- yet do not prepare for the most elemental, simple problems their 'mother' throws at them. Then their one hue and cry is for the nanny.gov to bail them out. Supply them with clean, sweet smelling dry clothes, tasty food, dry sleeping quarters.

What fools.

How much time did these people all have before this storm hit? How much preparing did they perform, showing love and concern for their families, themselves? How much would it have cost them to be prepared as to what it will cost them after, in home repairs alone?

Foolishness and laziness are the real problems these people have.

Foolishness because they did not prepare for the most simple of activities: maintaining a livable lifestyle in their homes. Lazy because to have thought about it and done it was too much bother. Foolishness because preparing for the Super Bowl was much more important than caring for their family. Speaking of the Super Bowl- how many know more about the Super Bowl than survival?

People are heading to shopping malls and hardware stores at the last moment to buy what they need. "The last 5500W generator," and the man was ecstatic to get it. What will it run? For a survival standard, 5500 Watt is the minimum of power.

"...anything we can eat cold..." and almost useless at warming the core to aide in keeping one warm. Why cold? No dual-fuel campstove? No propane campstove? No campfire making abilities or tools? There is absolutely no reason to go without something warm/hot in our diet at any time of year. Winter especially. A cup of hot broth, a cup of hot chocolate, a cup of hot coffee, a cup of soup, will go far in healing pangs of doubt in ability to survive. Yet they went without, eating little nutritionally worth while and, after that, head for gov't sponsored aide.

Do you see anything wrong in this picture?



  1. Thanks for the letter Shy, at least I'm sure it was you. Wife says we got it in the mail and came from Minnesota. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. See all those things going on right here in Ky man. People are now starting to see just how important simple prepping is to survival. I know of one family that has seen the light so to speak because of this power outage that may last 3 more weeks for them. If it gets a fire burning under them, then, it's a good storm.

  3. I see the same people around me every time we have a storm, doing the same things each time. I try to teach them and they don't listen. Some folks just need to be FEMA recipients. They just aren't smart enough to be anything else.


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