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Monday, January 19, 2009

Minnesota Preppers Network

Howdy, All.
Welcome to the Minnesota Preppers Network.
To date, the objectives are to gain membership of like-minded individuals; share ideas and skills; get to know each other and have a network of individuals working together in emergencies and learn ways to prepare for emergencies of any kind. Perhaps a "meet and greet" at some future date to get to know each other; to keep America together and a beautiful place to live, a country retaining its Freedoms and the Liberty of the Individual. A place where people will always want to immigrate to.
Being new, our guidelines are thin at the moment as to what will happen and how, yet there must be some and these are a few we can all relate to:
A) Since the First Amendment is the life blood of the Web and blogs, articles and comments will not be moderated so long as they pertain to topic and are not slanderous, libelous, degrading to any individual, race, religion or region. In other words: no mud slinging.
As moderator, I don't want to be forced to act the part, so let's please keep it clean. Thank you.
B) Please: NO political ranting. We can keep that on our personal blogs. Unless a political comment is pertinent to the post, forget it. Make it "news we can use".
C) Absolutely NO revolutionary talk or government overthrow ideas. Zip. None. Nada.
D) This is not a Militia site. However, there will be posts that relate to that topic. Every American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves, their family, others, and their property. Guns are an integral component of self defense and will be discussed.
E) No name calling or putting others down. Be civil, be constructive in criticism, be honest,build up individuals and ideas.
Since no one has (most likely) ever been through the kind(s) of 'emergencies' many survival topics will be about, no one is the ultimate authority. Some people will certainly have more experience than others and they should share this. It's only American to be concerned for the welfare of your neighbors, which is why we are here.
Remember our state motto: "Minnesota Nice". Let's keep it that way.
One of my motto's is: "Lead, follow or get out of the way; you're either part of the solution or part of the problem, so stop being the problem."
If you're interested in joining the Minnesota Preppers Network, which is part of the American Preppers Network, you can drop me a note in the "comments" and we can work out a role.

Coming solutions:
Water preps-- no one lives long without it.
Food preps-- just a little longer than being waterless.
Shelter preps-- nice to have even if you're 'roughing it'.
Gardening/self sustenance-- rolling your own, and we ain't taking MaryJane.
Tools/work ideas and opportunities for preppers.
Weapons for survival and just enjoying. (Which should be a first since the available supply is getting very limited very quickly, ditto with ammunition.)
Living beyond the Worst Case Scenario.
...and more as the ideas flow in and the writers are up to it.
Please notice the ads to the right and give your business to our sponsors. They're experts in their fields and can help with prepping supplies and more in-depth information on any topic.
Let's all give a great big Prepper hug to Tom Martin for getting the nation-wide Prepper sites rolling. Thanks a million, Tom, and those working behind the scenes.

Happy Prepping, keep your BOB handy and your powders dry (that includes flour and ready made bread).


  1. Good job Shy and Welcome to the Network !!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. A big Texas welcome Shy! I look forward to reading your posts.


    BTW, Sorry about the double comment. I must have hit the button twice!

  4. I'm glad to see this blog. I've been wondering how to start finding a like-minded community in Minnesota. I'm on board, and would like to contribute in some way.

  5. Awesome Publius, get with Shy wolf to see what you can do to help. Maybe he will invite you as a contributor to do posts as well. Thank you for joining us.

  6. Howdy neighbor. Great post! I am just starting the Wisconsin group and think your key points would be good for us all. I am looking forward to all you will be contributing in future posts.

  7. Publius, Welcome. I've been believing I'm the only prepper in MN! A couple friends are coming on board, but they're really just begining. Please do contact me via email. I'm really anticipating getting to now as many as I can- always nice to know who's got your back.
    Gosh, RiverWalker- I was getting worried you'd sed sumpin' I'd not like very much :( LOL- thanks. Glad you like. Hope I never disappoint my readers.
    Bullseye- thank you for the welcome. So very glad to be here.
    HUP- I was wondering if there were any preppers other than CarlinWisc and I in the cold country. So glad to have you on board, as well. Will check you out today ;) (wink wink)
    The key points: yes, we need a few at least. Those are a bare minimum but needed, I think, just to keep the air clean (I know without them, I'd be writing my ranty blog!).
    God bless, Folks. Thank you.

  8. You picked a really nice picture for the site. I like it.

  9. Thank you, AP- I shot that south of the house. To me, I see the sun setting on the old and rising on the new, the White Pines representing the strength of the people and the continual growth of our lives. Of course, the hills are the hills (they're the Laurentian Divide) we gotta climb up and down...egads, am I waxing photographic or wut?
    Thank you, I appreciate the compliment.


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